Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rock Island "King of the Street"

Phil De Lao Jr. - Tag Senior, CKI Iame Tag & CKI Rotax Sr.:
The Rock Island rookie started his weekend entering 3 classes. In the Tag Senior class De Lao posted a time of 34.337 putting his Top Kart/P1 Leopard 15th on the grid for the final. Starting the final this would be De Lao’s first real rolling start at Rock Island and he handled it perfectly. De Lao made his way to finish the event in 7th position. In a class that has multiple engine makes, De Lao was able to put his P1 Powered Iame as the highest finishing leopard in the class.

In the CKI Iame Tag class De Lao qualified his Top Kart/P1 Leopard Engine 2nd posting a time of 33.910. In the final he entered turn 1 at the start in 2nd position. Within 1 lap of the race starting, De Lao over took the lead putting down consistent laps taking his Top Kart P1 powered Leopard engine to victory.

In CKI Rotax Sr. De Lao posted a qualifying time of 34.150 putting him 3rd with his Top Kart/A-M Engines Rotax. With the class running under WKA rules things are a little different than the RMC rules we are use to. This would be an opportunity for De Lao’s tuner and owner of A-M Engine Ariel Castro to shine. Ariel gave De Lao everything he needed to take his Top Kart/A-M Rotax to the front. De Lao went into turn 1 in 2nd position. Three laps into the race, Phil took over the lead and bringing his Top Kart/A-M Rotax Engine to victory posting the fast lap of the race at 33.463 in Lap 10.

“I will always remember my first Rock Island. To come here and be able to take home 2 victories was great. My Top Kart chassis handled great and my P1 & A-M Engines had great power. My tuner Ariel Castro always has me focused to win. I have to thank my Dad and my family for their continuous support they give me. I look forward to coming back next year to defend my titles,” commented Phil De Lao.

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